Solution Design Service

Solution Design Service

Solution Design Service

Designing a product is a time-consuming, expensive, and highly specialized process. It takes decades of experience across many specialties plus months of research and development to develop an aesthetically pleasing design while meeting and exceeding customers’ needs.

Design is the most critical aspect of any product, and if done poorly, your entire business is at risk.

What is solution design?

A clear understanding of product design components and how they work together are vital to success. Visual aesthetics only scratch the surface of design, and it’s essential to have a complete picture.

Design is a planning, creation, or construction activity. And engineering is applying scientific knowledge to invent, construct, or manufacture things. So product engineering is a highly specialized technical solution design activity because engineers use their technical knowledge to invent, construct, and manufacture.

  • Engineers create new things that have never existed before. They design everything from bridges to buildings and microchips to computer programs.
  • Engineers ensure designs do not fail because of structural, functional, or manufacturing flaws.
  • Engineers leverage technical expertise to apply mathematic, technological, and scientific knowledge to innovate and find breakthrough solutions to problems.


There are many highly specialized disciplines within software product design. Successful products require a high level of collaboration to achieve tight synergy between the functional and aesthetic aspects.

The primary specializations include:

  • Engineering business requirements and constraints. Your initial perspective is everything. The shared knowledge of your product’s purpose, limitations, and potential problems is the cornerstone of creating a product that will meet the customer’s needs while meeting the requirements of every stakeholder. It vital to position achievable objectives. And every problem’s structure, perspective, and presentation are the primary driver of the final solution.

  • Engineering customer experience. The depth and breadth of scientific knowledge are vast in human behavior and psychology. To engineer a viable product and compelling customer experience, the research and science behind how people think, feel, and behave are essential.

  • Engineering functional requirements and constraints. There are critical functional design choices that affect the success of your product. Functional requirements directly impact the manufacturing process and costs. They also determine your product’s usability, performance, and reliability.

  • Engineering the technical solution architecture. The technical architecture of your product directs the overall structure and organization of your solution, along with the methods for meeting your business and technical requirements. Architecture directly influences your product’s adaptability, long-term viability, and maintenance costs.

  • Engineering the construction process. Once you have all your blueprints, the next step is manufacturing. Construction of systems with any amount of complexity require high degrees of coordination. This coordination must ‌optimize resources, keep costs down and maintain timelines.

Design Services

With Truth Shield’s product design service, you no longer have to worry about any aspect of product design. We’re here to help you with any of your solution design needs from ideation through production, so you can focus on running your business.

Do you know the importance of outstanding design, but don’t have the time to assemble a diverse yet highly coordinated practice? Are you stuck, not being able to find the expertise you need to succeed?

Truth Shield has deep expertise in every aspect of product engineering. We take a holistic approach to design, using extensive experience in proven techniques across all aspects of product design. And we take care of everything for you. We ensure every aspect of your design is on point.

Need help you save time and boost innovation? Want to gain massive competitive advantages?

Our product design services will make your product successful. Get the peace of mind from using a multidisciplinary collective of experienced professionals. And ensure you provide maximum value to your customers.