Practice Accelerator Program

Practice Accelerator Program

Practice Accelerator Program

We designed the Truth Shield Practice Accelerator Program to help you build better product faster.

Our practice accelerator is a customized technology training, strategy, architecture, and practice coaching and support service that revolutionizes your product engineering acumen. Build better product and boost development velocity today. Prevent project failures tomorrow.

We provide a crystal clear, easy-to-use, battle-tested process to help you build, test, and refine your products and services faster, with more focus, superior quality, and skyrocketing customer value.

Use the Truth Shield Practice Accelerator to increase your development velocity by up to 12x, prevent product decay, and minimize project failures. Slash defect rates by 90%. Streamline alignment to ensure you’re building the right thing.

Need a jump start?

Today, organizations understand they require a mature and sustainable, holistic, and robust product engineering practice, but don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to grow it from scratch. We can get you there tomorrow.

You can immediately plant our seed team to deliver the full depth and breadth of ultramodern engineering capabilities you can lean on to build, support, or grow your business. Plant our seed team and instantly boost your process maturity. Phase out as you flourish and build up your internal staff. Then switch to ongoing support services to supplement your efforts as needed.

Directly supercharge your

  • product strategy
  • business requirements engineering
  • customer experience engineering
  • functional requirements engineering
  • systems architecture engineering
  • project execution engineering
  • software development procedures
  • software maintenance, support, and expansion

Our on-demand high-end team provides world-class expertise, backing your business immediately.

Reduce pressure. Boost internal talent. Easily concentrate, elevate, and automate your business.

Don’t lose your seat! Apply for the Truth Shield Practice Accelerator program today.