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Unleash SaaS Productivity with CMMI

Jan, 2023/Matt Cochran

Unlock the Power of Innovation: Use Reframing to Build Revolutionary SaaS Products

Jan, 2023/Matt Cochran
21 example of how reframing transformed the world.

Avoid The 8 Fallacies of Distributed Software Development

Dec, 2022/Matt Cochran
Mastering Breakthrough Software Architecture

Do You Want to Be Agile?

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
Start Using These 4 Decision Gates Today.

Want to avoid being penny-wise but pound-foolish?

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
Here are ten typical traps in software production that backfire

Strategic software development.

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
How to use recon spikes to prevent code decay while achieving breakthrough technical advances.

Strategic software development.

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
Why you need recon spikes to be agile.

Clinical Trial Software Architecture Series: Ensure scalability, maintainability, and quality

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
Designing for the three core software activities: orchestration, calculation, and integration.

Do you want an easy way to boost productivity on your .NET projects in minutes? Applinate!

Nov, 2022/Matt Cochran
Use five Applinate conventions to achieve breakthrough results in ten minutes or less

On Communication

Feb, 2022/Matt Cochran
The Truth Shield take on communication.

Instantly Double Your Development Velocity

Dec, 2021/Matt Cochran
In this video, I’m going to walk through how to instantly double your development velocity.

Three Common Traps: Avoid SaaS Digital Product Failure

Nov, 2021/Matt Cochran
In this video, I’ll discuss modern manufacturing history and hope to help you avoid a repeated trap resulting in product manufacturing failure.