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Hello and welcome.

What’s Truth Shield all about?

To answer that, in this video I’m going to discuss WHY I founded Truthshield to help people producing products and make the world a better place. I’l also ask you to join me so we can help each other along this journey together.

In case we haven’t met, let me introduce myself.: my name is Matt Cochran.

Now, this really isn’t about me, but, for what it’s worth, I’ve been building and running exceptionally high-performing software product development organizations for over 25 years. I wanted to put together a quick overview of why I started TrushShield for leaders like YOU who manage teams building professional software products.

I’ve always LOVED building things, helping PEOPLE, and SOLVING challenging puzzles. Also, I’ve been passionate about software development even before the internet existed. So during my career path, I wore many hats and worked at all sizes of organizations across a wide variety of industries. I’ve not only been a hands-on technical lead the entire time, but also worn the hats of a product manager, a technical trainer, an instructor, a mentor, a hands-on in-the-trenches software architect, and a passionate, innovative, and energized CTO.

People are amazing, and I’ve built my career doing what I love; helping people; applying technology to solving the CHALLENGING puzzle of elevating product practices; bringing people together to realize breakthroughs; streamlining procedures; unlocking the potential in others, and helping them ACHIEVE. THESE are the things, through the course of my career, that have brought me the most happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

TruthShield is for founders, professional leaders, and executives who run teams to build digital products. I FOUNDED TrushShield because I am passionate about HELPING people. I am PASSIONATE about making a DIFFERENCE. And, I am PASSIONATE about helping YOU.

My vision for TruthShield is to CHANGE the WORLD for the BETTER. Since this is where I have the MOST extensive experience and deep knowledge, it’s where I know I can make the MOST significant impact.

The beautiful thing about IMPACT in the software industry is that the effects resonate EVERYWHERE like ripples in a pond. For example, when I help YOU produce better products, avoid pitfalls, and succeed it helps even MORE people: YOUR employees, YOUR customers, and the people THEY serve. Better software makes the world a better place BECAUSE today software is everywhere, it impacts almost every aspect of your life and is only becoming more and more ingrained in society and in your neighborhood, with your family friends and colleagues, in your health and in your sickness, at work and at leisure, in your children’s education and their entertainment, in the way you travel and in how you stay in touch, in how you live, and in how you die.

So here’s how it happened: Since the BEGINNING of my career in team management, I’ve been wrestling with the TYPICAL PROJECT CHALLENGES in our industry and realized the need for BREAKTHROUGHS in running product development practices.

I remember vividly very EARLY in my career as a tech lead as if it were yesterday. I’m getting chewed up by the crushing stress, shocking emergencies, and sleepless nights caused by the TYPICAL plague of project challenges that we ALL know so well today. I quickly grow frustrated with the tremendously crippling waste from malformed project management, hazily unclear criteria, and the shockingly massive black hole where there should be reliable communication, scope, requirements, and estimates.

I am frustrated, frazzled, sick, and tired. I’m sick and tired of knowing there must be better ways to run projects. I’m sick and tired of not having a crystal clear, concisely focused, and rigorously tested path forward towards SUCCESS.

I KNOW I need to do BETTER not only because it’s my professional responsibility but also because the shockingly DISMAL project success rates in our industry just aren’t acceptable.

So, through my decades of travels through blood sweat, and tears, I land on many CORE realizations that actually blow me away. At first, each one seems MIRACLEOUS; I can’t BELIEVE the results I’m getting. And, so I dive into the verification work necessary to go back, test, and validate my assumptions. I find that sometimes just having the right CLARITY of perspective and tightly focusing in on the right THINGS, at the right TIMES, in the right PLACES, makes a monumental difference. So, I start to formalize my findings, so I can HELP other people, so I can help YOU.

Today, the resulting tools, techniques, and strategies I discovered, refined, and developed over the years have worked BETTER than I ever dreamed and have made PIVOTAL breakthroughs in the performance of product development teams, the companies I have worked for, and launched my career to unexpected heights. I would not be where I am TODAY without them.

So given my journy, I KNOW first-hand how enormously challenging, frustrating, and time-consuming it IS to spend YEARS wading through all the unreliable information out there, poor practices, and ineffective approaches; to dig up and surface the REAL glowing gems that make PIVOTAL differences between dazzling SUCCESS and dismal DISASTER. As you’ve probably already discovered, uncovering the HIDDEN secret sauce to avoid the TYPICAL high project failure rates isn’t something you can just google.

Have you ever noticed how the usual path of gaining knowledge, along with skill, comes with painstaking experience? and usually more than a few enormously hard-earned lessons? Sometimes with your blood, sweat, and even tears on the floor?

So here’s the point: I’ve been at this for a while: conducting FOCUSED research on LIVE real-world projects, uncovering learning, and dialing in PRECISE improvements that elevate teams above the terrain of the typical tar pits killing and crippling projects, companies, and careers. I’ve been addressing COORDINATION and PROJECT challenges head-on and have compiled DECADES of research and experimentation; refining, raising, and sharpening product development techniques to BOOST success rates.

Today, you not only need to do more, but you need to do it faster, more efficiently, and with higher quality. You need to eliminate the waste. And you need to move towards INCREASED product development SUCCESS rates while ELIMINATING project problems leading to catastrophic FAILURE and the more insidious even more immense diseases silently leeching away your momentum, your productivity, and your success.

As you’ve probably already experienced, the monumental EFFECTS of any technological improvements in our industry can be PROFOUND partially because OUR industry is in its infancy compared to other engineering disciplines, but even more so because technological improvements ARE what the software industry is all ABOUT.

Breakthrough Improvements are PROFOUND not only for us as software professionals but also for our teams, our families, and even more broadly for people worldwide whose lives you improve with the products you build. Again, another example of how better SOFTWARE makes the WORLD a better place.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I’m INTENSELY energized when I see YOUR potential to take Trush Shield tools, techniques, and strategies and improve YOUR product development practices. They’re so immensely IMPACTFUL that I’m compelled to DRIVE forward, ELEVATE others, and LAUNCH Truthshield to help all the people out there, just like you and me who also feel, at their DEEPEST core, it’s POSSIBLE to do BETTER. Not only that it’s possible, but we vividly see and feel how critical it is to solve this with crystal clarity because we feel the undeniable GRAVITY of the situation and understand that better software MAKES the world a BETTER place.

Now, you may have sensed it, but I’ll come right out and say it: I’m ONLY interested in LONG-term, MUTUALLY beneficial, WIN-WIN opportunities, because, it’s not only the RIGHT thing to do, it’s also the foundation of a REAL business, providing VALUE;

And, for me, It’s ESSENTIAL to stay focused on doing the RIGHT things while also doing things RIGHT. This win-win vision for mutually beneficial opportunities is why, when you choose to join the TruthShield family, you’re not just a customer; you ARE family because we are ALL in this TOGETHER.

Here’s the bottom line: if you and I can’t help each other, there’s not much point for either of us and the LAST thing I want is to waste either of our irreplaceable, precious, and limited time. This is why I’m ONLY interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with YOU where TruthShield adds substantial value for YOU, where we have a win-win situation, where YOU’LL see an immensely positive impact, where YOU’LL feel practical benefits in YOUR life, and where YOU’LL feel and hear the rev of the rocket engine accelerating YOUR career. And, I am CERTAIN the tools, techniques, and approaches packaged and delivered through TruthShield will help YOU achieve your OBJECTIVES.

So, can you see how TruthShield expands into much more than the typical technical tool provider for YOU? Not only are we constructing state-of-the-art innovative tools, but we are also here for YOU as trusted KEY advisors, POWERFUL mentors, and TRANSFORMATIVE coaches.

At TruthShield, this vision is also why we only take on a limited number of new members every year; precisely because we know QUALITY always beats QUANTITY. Our goal is to HELP others, do the RIGHT things, and provide enormous VALUE.

So, look. The world is a small place, we are all family, if you succeed we succeed, and we’re here to lift each other up because this is what a crystal clear win-win situation looks like.

To keep pace with the rapid innovations happening all around us, we must CONSTANTLY innovate ALL the time. And, here’s where TrushShield comes in to help YOU. I want to help YOU take the shortcut to success and get value now instead of having to pick up a dull machete and hack your way through the treacherous and dense jungle.

So, one option is to forge your own path, struggling to cut your way through treacherous undergrowth with your own arduous research, rigorous learning, and a slow uphill discovery process forged through the pain of repeated failures until you happen on success and maybe see the other side, or maybe you become a victim of circumstance, or perhaps you just give up.

A better option may be for YOU to bypass all the pain, risk, and anguish and just take-off and fly over the darkness of the jungle feeling the brisk wind in your hair and watching the trees whizz by underneath you, and gently landing at your destination where you immediately see radical IMPROVEMENTS.

Here’s the brilliantly AMAZING part, once you’ve arrived, you are there. Once YOU know, you KNOW. You know? It’s the reconnaissance that’s painful, treacherous, and painstainking. Tactically, executing with groundbreaking IMPROVEMENT is no more challenging than tactically executing as YOUR teams ALREADY do, every day. More often than not groundbreaking improvements, are often EASIER to execute. Sometimes, that’s the real benefit, right? Do you see how it’s just having a certain salient ANGLE? an ingenious APPROACH?or a fresh PERSPECTIVE? on any nagging problem that gives us SPECTACULAR new insight?—a new way to APPROACH the challenges?

And, isn’t this how new SKILLS, new CAPABILITIES, and technical ADVANCEMENT pretty much works the SAME in ANY discipline?

For example, it wasn’t always this way, and just seems like common sense today, but the day the medical profession REALIZED the practice of hand-washing before surgery reduces mortality, the world INSTANTLY changed for the better.

Einstein’s been quoted as saying, “You can’t solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them”. So, do you really want to settle for the worn-out approach of falling into the trap of micro-optimizations? with marginal improvements? that are more like pulling teeth one-by-one? Especially when you can have NEW technologies provide NEW perspectives that help you make NEW revolutionary improvements with ease? Instead, doesn’t it just make sense to take charge?completely change the paradigm? and CHANGE your WORLD?

I founded Truth Shield BECAUSE I’d love to help you. So, as soon as you’re ready to ELEVATE your product development practices, DISCOVER more about our technologies, or just reserve YOUR spot in the TruthShield family so we can work together to take your product development to the next level, you can follow the link below to fill out the form and apply for a free initial consultation with no obligation. No strings attached.

We want to see you SUCCEED; You deserve it. We can put our heads together and discuss how various tools, techniques, or approaches can help and get YOU the information YOU need to decide where SPECIFIC investments will help make the MOST significant difference for YOU and YOUR teams.

Like I mentioned before, at TruthShield we’re limiting ourselves to only taking on a few new members now because space and time are limited. So, REACH out as soon as possible to not lose YOUR spot. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Make sense?

I TRULY look forward to diving DEEP into your particular situation and finding ways to HELP. You can TRUST that I’ll always give you the same advice I would give ANYONE in my family because we’re ALL in this TOGETHER. So, reach out now so we can come together and sit at the family table to start planning on how to best build YOUR future together.

And that’s pretty much it. Now you have a vividly painted picture of why I founded TrushShield to work with leaders like YOU who manage teams building professional software products so WE can make the world a better place, together.

THANK you for checking out THIS video. I am GRATEFUL that you chose to invest a small slice of your time with me today, and I TRULY look forward to hearing from you SOON. And, as always, you TRULY have my BEST wishes for success. Thank you.

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