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In this video, I’m going to walk through how to instantly double your development velocity.

Seems like a stretch? Would you be excited to understand the conditions that make this not only a possibility? Not only that, would it be worth your time to discover how it’s achievable?

If so, you’re in the right place. Let’s start by taking a deeper look into why this is a possibility and achievable for YOU.

The figure above summarizes research completed in Boston, MA in 2013, by the Standish Group. Researchers found that more than 60% of IT Projects Fail.

The figure above summarizes research conducted in the UK in 2009 by the International Data Corporation (IDC). They found 25% of IT projects experience utter failure, 50% of projects require rework, and between 20%-25% fail to provide a positive return on investment.

The figure above summarizes additional research conducted by The Standish Group in Boston, MA, in 2014. According to their study, 98.8% of the projects they studied failed when measured against six criteria: cost, time, value, scope, customer satisfaction, and strategic objectives.

Now, picture the probability of your career imploding if you’re facing these odds. Pretty grim, right? Now, imagine how your career rockets forward when you have a verified mechanism to improve your success odds significantly. Also, can you imagine what this means for your team’s productivity increases if you can protect even just ONE project from failure? We’re just getting started. But you see the massive amount of opportunity here in just taking a closer look?

On TOP of project failures, there’s the WASTE factor.

The figure above summarizes more research done by the Standish Group, this time in 2010. They reported results from over 100 custom applications, collecting data from 1997 through 2010.

They learned that consistently over the years, the general rule is thumb is that users only frequently consume 20% of a product’s features, 30% of product features have moderate use, and customers rarely use the majority of a product. Want to know what’s especially interesting? They discovered that ten years of data brightly signals that these dismal metrics are not getting better.

Imagine what it would mean for your team’s productivity, your career, and your bottom line if you could even make a slight improvement here. Imagine saving time while saving money, saving on your initial development while saving on your maintenance overhead.

This figure summarizes research presented in an article titled “Rework and Reuse Effects in the Software Economy,” presented in the Global Journal of Science and Technology in 2018. You may find it valuable to know that this journal only publishes double-blind peer-reviewed research.

Generally, for about half of their time, engineers are redoing past work.

Now, we all know a tiny trickle of rework is unavoidable, especially given today’s just-in-time manufacturing processes. But, isn’t the massive firehose of waste this research uncovered shocking? Take a moment to take it in. Engineers, our MOST expensive resources, spend about half their time on rework. And, by definition, you could avoid a substantial portion of this work.

Are you starting to smell the possibilities here?

This figure (above) summarizes research conducted in Zurich in 2010 at the Swiss federal institute of technology. They found that the vast majority of financial investment in software is detecting and fixing defects.

The same study found a nonlinear cost explosion correlating with the time lapsed before a team addresses a defect.

Can you imagine the immense impact of even making a small dent here? Want to see what magnifies your waste problems even further?

This figure (above) is from a 2020 study presented at the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications. The presentation was titled "Analyzing the Impact of Assessing Requirements Specifications on the Software Development Life Cycle."

Researchers found that, before testing, before coding, and even before design, the vast bulk of toxic defects and the resulting financial damage get injected in your projects before the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) phase.

And, here’s the multiplier I mentioned: the vast majority of defects come into your system before you even get to a design phase. Multiply that by the fact these are the most monumentally dangerous defects because they have the longest potential lifespan and largest potential impact.

Now, this study didn’t dive into surfacing the SOURCE of defects showing up in the specs, just WHEN they sneak in and start delivering their devastating impact. But can you IMAGINE the opportunity here to dive a bit deeper yourself and prevent even the TINIEST slice of the underlying defective mechanisms leading to defective requirements?

The situation IS critical, disastrous, and frankly horrifying... but can you see the glimmer of an OPPORTUNITY and hear the ring of achievable POSSIBILITIES here? Isn’t it exciting when you realize the potential impact? In the ancient 5th century (BC), Sun-Tsu wrote his famous book, “Art of War,” where he explains, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Now that you can see it, just Imagine. Can you also feel what it will mean when you take hold of the situation and realize this immense opportunity? The massive impact YOU will have going down a different, better path? What will it look like when YOU find the right tools, navigate more efficiently? Imagine how it feels being the thought-leader bringing your teams and companies along this fantastic journey.

This opportunity is how you CAN elevate your reality and the reality of others while making the world a better place. And, THIS is what I want to HELP you achieve.

Who is this for?

  • Do you need to do better than the industry-standard processes producing the industry-standard failure rates we see of 60%?
  • Do you want to raise the level and quality of your impact on your company’s bottom line so you can get that promotion or bigger bonuses?
  • Do you worry about making payroll, running out of money, or the looming career-crippling project failure lying just around the next corner?

If so, then stick around.

  • Are you pissed off when you see hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of valuable time wasted due to inefficiencies, lack of clarity, and poor quality?
  • Do you hate burning money, making excuses, or wasting valuable engineering bandwidth?
  • Do you lose sleep over how you will retain or recruit skilled engineers in light of the industry-wide talent shortage?

If so, then THIS is for YOU.

Here’s the simple, stark, and unavoidable truth:

Using massively influential, innovatively elegant, and surprisingly specific but technologically advanced models, you can MORE than double your team’s throughput.

However, most organizations lack the knowledge, skills, or necessary insights due to the absence of historically practical information because of how young the entire software development industry is.

We are the only people dedicated to solving these FUNDAMENTAL problems at a foundational level for NYC SaaS CTOs.

When excavating down to the root of the problems and getting beyond the symptoms to the core disease, you may find it valuable to learn that people ARE competent. Companies don’t generally FAIL due to a lack of technical skills. People ARE intelligent. Companies don’t generally FAIL due to logical failures. And, people CAN deliver. Companies don’t generally FAIL due to tactical issues.

Instead, companies generally FAIL because entire organizations fall into hidden traps of the most COMMON yet ineffective models when approaching, facing, and mitigating the most COMMON product development challenges.

You may also find it valuable to know that executives don’t FAIL due to a lack of passion. Executives don’t FAIL due to a lack of energy. And, executives don’t FAIL due to a lack of intelligence. Instead, all of this failure comes from entire teams inadvertently using mental shortcuts driven by the freight train of evolution. These shortcuts exist because of the ongoing adaptation of the human mind just trying to survive by conserving energy. When not on the radar and not checked, these shortcuts often smash against your best interests, pushing back your progress, derailing your projects, and pinning down and suppressing your productivity.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Matt Cochran. This presentation is not about me, but for what it matters; my journey down this road started over 25 years ago.

Picture this. Imagine it’s almost three decades ago. I’m a technical lead software engineer and am promoted into a team lead role. And, I start building and running my very first product development team. And I’m just getting started, so I research what the current standard operating models are. And I feel like I’m doing the realistic, rational, and right thing simply following the industry-standard ways we ALL gather requirements, run projects, and manage teams, even today. Unfortunately, I’m also pretty green and uninformed. Because, as you KNOW, the vast majority of information available out there is rarely better than a relatively uninformed opinion. So, as you can imagine, it initially didn’t go very well for me based on the path I started down.

Looking back, in retrospect, I essentially rediscovered the fact that reproducing the typical approaches to executing projects simply reproduces the industry’s monumentally high, dangerously disastrous, and career crippling project failure rates that I was blissfully unaware of at the time.

I wasn’t aware of how deadly serious these failures are, even though the evidence is all around us if we care to look. For example

  • We see Starbucks defect closing 60% of stores in 2015
  • We see the Heartbleed security flaw in 2014 affecting 66% of the websites in the world
  • We see 911 emergency numbers go offline for six hours
  • We see over a half-million (600,000) RBS payments go missing
  • We see a software glitch releasing US prisoners early
  • We see the F-35 fighter jet had a targeting defect
  • We see Nissan’s airbag glitch (1 M cars recalled)
  • We see Toyota acceleration software defects (Billions of dollars lost and scores of people die)
  • We see the “Therac-25” Medical Accelerator disaster - with radiation poisoning injuring people, even killing them.
  • We see the Boeing 737 disaster costing billions of dollars and killing hundreds of people.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. These problems affect all of us, our coworkers and our families, me and you. And they are deadly serious.

So I run across this brilliant quote attributed to Einstein that ignited the lightbulb for me. It went something like this: You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. This idea is profound. You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Said another way, effectively solving problems requires taking on new perspectives.

So, inspired, I set off on this new track; and despite the temporary setbacks at the start. I am excited. And, I’m filled with a glowing determination to crack THIS problem wide open; I love what I do and have passion because I now understand the monumental difference it can make, and I persevere.

I quickly realize the results I’m getting won’t set me apart from others. What I’m doing won’t lead to a healthy career and won’t change the world by any stretch of the imagination. I quickly realize I HAVE to do better… and not just a little bit; I have to do MUCH better. And I have to do better not next year, not next month, and not tomorrow. I have to do much better today.

I look everywhere for superior approaches, keys to unlock the puzzle, or concrete and irrefutable answers to the burning questions, but find nothing other than a few books hinting at the shrouded secrets from other more mature engineering disciplines, but nothing that fundamentally makes the difference. Nothing tangible. Nothing concretely actionable.

So, I decide to take matters into my own hands. I spend months researching and reflecting on the situation deeply. I run my own series of experiments with my teams to discover, prove, and refine new approaches. I approach the challenge like climbing up a mountain over and over and over again. I have to get to a vantage point that reveals a path to get at the SOURCE of the problems. Finally, I arrive at specific solutions that are vibrantly transformative and hone them over the next two decades.

The result is a suite of transformative knowledge, technology, and models I use every day. They work so well that they fundamentally upgrade the throughput of my team, upgrade how teams approach solving problems and upgrade team productivity to astounding new heights. It also launches my career forward as a thought leader at EVERY company I work for and elevates my level of success, rocketing me along a brightly successful career path.

Everyone I work for, everyone I work with, and everyone who works for me starts asking me what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

 So I decide to help others with these revolutionary insights and to launch a line of products and training to HELP people by charting a vividly clear path with steel guard rails installed because I know, at my core, that better software makes the world a better place. We have to do better. It’s our responsibility as citizens of the plant, neighbors on the same street, and friends, family, and loved ones sitting at the same dinner tables. We elevate each other to prevent disaster, prevent death, and make the world a better place.

And so here we are today. I’m passionately pursuing my journey to help more people, and now, at this moment in time, YOU are here with me, and we are on this ride together. I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for your time, and I sincerely hope you stick around to see how you can help me help you.

Now, let’s look at four simple steps you can follow to take charge, tackle these problems, and transform YOUR career.

First, you need to understand there IS a problem and address it head-on. (If you don’t realize there’s a problem… there’s your first problem). Whatever the problem is; Pick it apart. Discover the machinery, the mechanisms, the cycles of cause and effect creating this massively damaging destruction.

Second, you need to discover more effective models for achieving YOUR objectives.

Third, it’s vital to implement your upgraded model instill the new approach at a core visceral level ditch the sluggishly slow evolutionary ways of thinking, adopt a revolutionary mindset, and upgrade your ways of thinking, not just in your OWN mind, but evangelize and instill it in the COLLECTIVE intelligence across your ENTIRE organization.

Finally, you have arrived and planted the roots of a solid foundation. Now you move to a state of continual improvement, nurturing, and growth where you keep looping through the first three steps and learning, evolving, and advancing.

Those are the four steps. Simple, right? But as you know, simple is not necessarily easy. So, let’s dive a little deeper into each one.

Understand the Problem

First, you need to comprehend the causes of the problem completely.

Now, it’s just human NATURE to look at all the devastation across this BURNING landscape and jump right into solving one problem at a time. You see a problem, and you fix it, one at a time. It just makes logical sense, right?

But, here’s the problem: This is like putting your fingers in a rapidly degrading dam. The work is grindingly grueling, back-breakingly brutal, career-killing because you only have ten fingers and ten toes and one nose; the cracks never end.

So here’s the harsh truth: It NEVER gets any better because you are focused on addressing SYMPTOMS instead of curing the DISEASE. Imagine if you could magically replace the doomed dam with the wave of a wand instead of breaking your back endlessly patching cracks. Does that seem like a better approach? Imagine if you could effectively CURE a patient and stop fighting the symptoms. So, even though jumping into the fray and dealing with the first-order devastation makes sense; do you see how it ALSO makes sense to look more deeply at second-order, third-order, and fourth-order causes; so you change the situation causing the destruction?

By focusing on understanding the source of the problems, you start making more extensive, more significant, and more meaningful impacts. And it is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered, and multi-solution mindset. Think of it this way: Imagine you are a doctor: You not only have to save your bullet-ridden patient bleeding out in the emergency room in the short term, but ultimately you also can not disregard long-term health, safety, and sustainability. You don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease. Now, imagine what it would mean if you had the power to fix the conditions that caused the battle that caught your patient in the crossfire. What if you could diplomatically redirect conflicts and establish mutually beneficial, cooperative, and win-win collaboration across groups at war and bring peace? Wouldn’t this manifest an entirely new reality for everyone?

[UUI] New ways of thinking create new solutions, and whether you realize it or not, we all think using mental models. There are plenty of studies of human cognition showing this. This mental model of mental models is probably the most valuable mental model we have to understand how we think today. It should be obvious, but do you see how you THINK and what’s in your mind underpins every problem you inflict on yourself? Every solution you dream up? And every action you take?

Here’s the thing, our miraculous human mind manufactures models. We have explicit models created when we learn new skills through trial and error, attend classes to internalize knowledge, and figure things out through research. Our mind also manufactures IMPLICIT models formed subconsciously to make navigating the world easier. We all have short-circuits to filter out the non-important stuff to focus on more important things like staying alive. Our mind masterfully conserves energy by wiring together these shortcut models.

Unfortunately, some of our implicit wirings don’t serve us well, and as a result, hundreds of resulting defective logical fallacies plague EVERYONE. For example, there is the false analogy fallacy, equivocation fallacy, ecological fallacy, false cause fallacy, false effect fallacy, gambler’s fallacy, post hoc fallacy, red herring fallacy, reductio and absurdum fallacy, slippery slope fallacy, wishful thinking fallacy, augment from ignorance fallacy, and so on and so on.

So, here’s the thing. All of these short circuits are at play when you think through problems, brainstorm, and decide on actions to take. So, want to ignite YOUR intelligence? If so, all you have to do is create a logical model and replace any illogical short-circuited thinking with better tooling. You need to find your own defects and reprogram YOURSELF to be more effective. And, when your mental models are more effective, you can begin to walk others through YOUR logical constructs and start changing the world by upgrading THEIR mental models as well.

So, is it becoming clear that when you upgrade your mind, you upgrade your reality? Are you excited to see the opportunity for significant strides towards doubling your team’s development velocity?

To wrap up this section, I want to leave you with a brilliant expression attributed to a breakthrough British statistician, George Box. He is one of the great minds of the 20th century. He said: “All models are wrong, but some are useful.”

Discover New Models

Ok, next, let’s discuss ways of discovering mental models.

One option for building models is through your own blood, sweat, and tears. You can refine your own mental models through trial and error, learning from failures, and decades of experience. You discover, adapt, and refine these models by investing your own time, your own money, and your own energy to break new ground in uncharted territory, which comes along with all the risk, danger, and potential for sub-optimal results.

Have you ever heard the expression “ standing on the shoulders of giants?” Isn’t it better to take other people’s hard-earned knowledge and expand on it rather than reinventing the wheel? Isn’t it better when you have a head start? For example, this training is not something I put together myself. I’m standing on the shoulders of today’s giants standing on the shoulders of yesterday’s giants standing on the soldiers of giants going back through time, back through the information revolution, back through the industrial revolution, and even back to the Greek and Roman philosophers.

So as you have probably already figured out, it’s better to take existing ideas, models, and technologies and find out if a current map someone else created gets you close to your target destination. Would you find it valuable to reveal simple shortcuts first so you can avoid any treacherous terrain already traveled? If you think about it, isn’t it why we developed a writing system? have maps? And develop effective software solutions? When you focus in, isn’t this why people go to school, participate in mentorships, and invest in training because they want to improve themselves? Using our useful analogy, are they not just simply upgrading their mental models?

So, if you want to upgrade your mind instantly: stand on the shoulders of those who are standing on the shoulders of giants, who are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Do you see it? Centuries of logical evolution can help you help your team double their velocity. Simple, right?

Implement New Models

Now, of course, discovery and definition is just the beginning. Knowledge is nothing without action, right? Does a model rattling around in our minds like a wrench in a locked toolbox have much value until we pull it out and use it to change the world?

One way to take action is learning some new model and hoping that it will magically empower you. But, remember the logical fallacies we discussed earlier? You have the forces of evolution fighting against you. One of the short-circuits is the wishful thinking fallacy. This horribly debilitating short-circuit goes something like this: because we DESIRE something to be true, we think it IS true. Seems ridiculous, right? Well, let’s take a step back. It’s shocking how often this fallacy appears despite obviously being absurd. Here’s the thing: Unless we pay close attention, we don’t consciously realize we’re doing this because it’s a survival instinct to keep us going in the face of adversity, to keep us searching for food, to keep us alive. So, our subconscious DESIRES sometimes appear as ASSUMPTIONS of truth.

Think it can’t possibly affect you? Have you ever heard the analogy of a project as a death march? Why does this analogy exist? If we know the result will be a disaster, why keep going? Of course, we DESIRE any project we work on to succeed, but what’s going on in our minds defies logic.

In a 2017 study, Geneca found that 75 percent of business and IT executives surveyed admitted that their projects were either "always" or "usually“ “doomed right from the start.”. So why keep going?

You guessed it, another short-circuit; the sunk cost fallacy.

We get tripped up by the sunk cost fallacy when we fail to look at the CURRENT situation rationally from TODAY’S context and continue some behavior or endeavor because of time, money, or effort invested in the PAST. This fallacy is related to more short-circuits like loss aversion and status quo biases. You can look at it as a short-circuit resulting from an ongoing escalation of commitment.

Sound crazy? Well, one of the biggest project failures serving as a vivid example is the Concorde project. People often refer to the ‘sunk cost fallacy’ AS the ‘Concorde fallacy.’ Teams initially estimated the project’s development costs at $130 million, but they ultimately reached $2.8 billion. Multiple governments, meaning taxpayers, contributed $1.4 billion to subsidize the program until it could generate revenue, almost bankrupting entire countries. Operating the aircraft was not financially sustainable, and it was retired after a 2003 crash killing all passengers and crew.

So, here’s the point. As uncomfortable as it can be, do you see how it is in your own best interest to shine a direct revealing spotlight on your own mental models and upgrade them? And, doing the same for the short-circuited mental models you discover in others? And that you have to address them logically, systematically, and head-on?

So, now I’m sure you see with crystal clarity how imperative it is to engage, evangelize, and commit to new models. To do that, you have to understand the existing model, clearly lay out the damage it does, and present a replacement model, clearly lay out the benefits provided before it will be adopted, much less internalized, much less used.

Here’s the thing, this holds not only true for convincing others but also holds when you are convincing YOURSELF! And, change ALWAYS has to start somewhere. Who better than you?. Can you begin to see how you have to not only understand but also feel it internally, intellectually, and emotionally in your own mind and in your own heart before you can convey the idea with enough conviction to help others change?

There is a common pattern (mental model) that most psychologists, motivational speakers, and life coaches use to help you help yourself. Now, I’ve invested the effort to boil it down to a simple, elegant, and effective MOTIVATION mental model that can HELP you HELP others AND help yourself.

It’s a simple extension of the pros and cons list. Now it’s SUPER important to hand-write this, to feel the weight and texture of a pen or pencil in your hand, watch the ink flow out of the pen, hear the scratching of the tip as it glides across the paper. Because, here’s the thing. The stronger the experience, the stronger the internal program you embed for yourself. As with many things in life, the vast majority of the value YOU get here is not in the end product but in the process of getting there.

Take a minute to reflect and completely absorb what this means for YOU. Think of the power in your hands: You have the power to purposefully rewire your thoughts and emotions; You have the power to ignite your own intelligence; You have the power to explicitly program your mind to successfully achieve your goals. Make sense?

Here’s what you do.

  1. First, get a blank piece of paper and write down the vision of the change you want to make by hand at the top.
  2. Next, fold the paper in half both ways, so you have four boxes.
  3. In the upper left quadrant, list all the damage that will result from not reaching your objective.
  4. In the upper right quadrant, list all the benefits of reaching your objective.
  5. Now comes the ACTUAL work and where you get the real BENEFIT: You have to do a soul-searching deep-dive and figure out what this means for YOU, what does the harm mean for YOU, and what do the benefits mean for YOU, not just at an intellectual level, but at the deep visceral emotional core of your being.
  6. As you learn more about yourself while you explore and reflect -- refine your program. You may have to start over a couple of times. Take a couple of passes to get all the quadrants filled to your satisfaction, where it starts resonating with you. You’ll know it when you feel it. You want to feel the idea resonating intellectually, but more importantly, emotionally feel a deep-down drive propelling you forward.
  7. Next, document your commitment to yourself with a measurable goal along with a date you commit to reach your goal and sign your pledge.
  8. Finally, If you want to supercharge your commitment, share it with someone else. Let this person hang on to it and ask them to bring it back to you on your target date.

In the end; it will look something like this:

This process is effective because it leverages many common mental short-circuits we have hardwired. And, it’s just a slight revision of a technique proven to be effective. You explicitly leverage your mind’s wiring as a force of good rather than implicitly having it used against you as a force of destruction. Now that you have thought through the problem carefully, you also have a solid mental map to guide your conversations and can now better help mold the minds of others, motivate them, and have them help achieve YOUR objective.

Stop the video and give it a try; I know it’s simple, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the power of this elegant tool. Take this model. Experiment. Tweak it.

Reach out and let me know how effective rewiring is for you; I’m super interested in learning from you and understanding YOUR insights and improvements. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Refine Your Models

Now that you have the springboard to propel yourself upwards through self-discovery and further refinement; The next step forward is to evolve your mental models to be even more effective, even more intuitive, and even more powerful.

One option is just to leave them alone and not continually work on them. But here’s the thing, if you don’t explicitly engage and refine, these tools will fade into the background, and you risk slipping backward. Our minds are elastic and constantly adapting, evolving, and learning. They learn and separate what’s important from what’s not important. They understand what to focus on, what to sharpen, while also figuring out what to let fade. Without periodic refinement, your tools will atrophy just like your muscles would without exercise.

Instead of atrophy, a better alternative is to review what’s working well, make it better. Review what’s not working well to turn it around or find a replacement. Document your models clearly and the rationale behind them. Translate your thoughts into words, or better yet, pictures. This journey of self-discovery puts your control over your mind into the stratosphere, keeping the short-circuits at bay and allowing you to consistently think more clearly and act more effectively. And you never know, you could come across the next big idea that changes hearts, changes minds, and changes the world.

The potential impact here goes far beyond what we have already discussed. So, can you see how even though the first three steps can help you instantly double your team’s development velocity, this puts your power to drive progress over mountain peaks?

So, as you can see, all you need to do is understand the problem of project failure and waste, reveal more effective approaches, roll them out, and refine them. Given the horrific state of the industry, I’m sure you see the tremendous opportunity for you to almost instantly double your development velocity, plus much, much, much more.

Now there are a few ways to achieve this:

Option one is to do it yourself, however:

  • It will take longer.
  • It will be more expensive.
  • It will be riskier.
  • It will be more error-prone.
  • It will require failure.

Or you can help me help you. Would it be fantastic if you achieved these results in a fraction of the time? At a fraction of the cost? And with a fraction of the risk? By taking specifically designed training that meets YOUR needs?

How inspiring is it when you look out at the vastness of the potential earth-shattering benefits here? And the brilliantly fantastic opportunity to drive a positive impact? And change the world for the better? Can you see why I’m so excited for you?

Again, this is for CTOS, responsible for digital products that want to elevate their careers and stand out from the crowd but are struggling because of poor information and a lack of robust models to reprogram our minds’ typical short-circuits.

Here’s what is going to happen when you help me provide a shortcut to help you ignite your intelligence, upgrade your approach, and fast-forward your career:

You will add electrified rocket fuel to your career trajectory because you will.

  • Reduce project time and increase quality.
  • Reduce project costs and increase productivity.
  • Reduce rework and increase profit.

Are you excited as I am about the shortcut? I hope so.

Can you envision how far your career will launch into the stratosphere when your company, your peers, and your shareholders see how you

  • Reduce customer dissatisfaction and increase customer retention?
  • Achieve faster time to market because development requires less effort?
  • Save time? Save money? and reduce risk?

Take a minute to soak this in and process how you will be perceived. What do you feel will happen when you

  • Realize increased software productivity, utilize fewer resources, and drastically cut software development times?
  • Develop software with fewer people while reducing software implementation costs and reducing the substantially more massive costs of maintenance?
  • Produce more standardized, consistent, reliable, robust systems while producing better quality software and realizing powerful competitive advantages?

Imagine the feeling of excitement to supercharge your career with reduced development costs and reduced bugs while realizing better systems, amazingly effective collaborations, quality operations, and crystal clear communications.

On top of this rock-solid foundation, you will

  • You will be able to realize your vision for yourself, your professional career, and your family.
  • You will instantly reduce your stress because you will have clarity of purpose and know how to get there.
  • You will finally shed off the typically stressful, sloppy, and stagnant projects and you will break free of the most common failures holding back your career.
  • You can forget about the technical skill shortages in the industry because you will massively increase the productivity of the team you have.
  • You will feel phenomenally empowered, brilliantly confident, and monumentally motivated.

 So, how does it work?

Before, when you wanted to understand the problem deeply, you would have to deep-dive yourself. But now, you can use this training to have a shortcut right to getting results. Make sense?

Before, when you wanted to discover new models, you would have to discover them through trial and error. But now, you can use ‘off-the-shelf’ and battle-tested models to get centuries of knowledge encapsulated and condensed into easy-to-understand models without risking sub-optimal results or having to go through the iterative and painful failure-reflection-learning cycles.

 Before, when you wanted to implement new models, you would have to wing it. But now, you can use the built-in digital version of the motivation model we covered earlier to successfully internalize and ignite your intelligence without losing any of your progress or investment.

 Before, when you wanted to start the refinement process after establishing a solid foundation, you would have to figure it out yourself. But now, you can use a surprisingly simple but potently powerful knowledge model to rapidly and effortlessly innovate without landing on incorrect assumptions or degrading the potency of your suite of mental tools.

Now, if you wanted to get this job done before through the school of hard knocks, it would cost you at least twenty years of experience, and you may or may not come out unscathed on the other side or even in one piece with all your limbs intact.

It’s like Russian roulette, and I’m sure you don’t want that, and I don’t want that for you. I want you to see you having unimaginable success because when you win, I win.

So, here’s some information on the massive jump-start you’ll get using training for a shortcut. I’ll include some conservative impact assessments based on a tiny single-pizza-box team:

  • The Strategy Model: This model helps you Increase productivity across the board. Your impact here is valued at $37,000.
  • The Communication Model: This model helps you reduce unnecessary rework. Your impact here is valued at $23,000.
  • The Success Model. This model helps you avoid project cancellation, challenges, and failures. Your impact here is valued at $9,000.

In addition, you’ll also get two bonus models:

  • The Knowledge Model. This model helps you and helps you help your team discover new knowledge, research, and validate the knowledge you already have.
  • The Innovation Model. This model helps you and helps you help your team efficiently build innovative products that help your customer meet their needs with precision accuracy.

Instead of paying with decades of investment along with your own blood on the floor, I want to see YOU rocket ahead TODAY. You can see it as essentially a shortcut to over twenty years of focused research, experience, and passion in a simple, concise, but amazingly effective bundle.

Another way to look at this is by summing up, boiling down, and professionally packaging over twenty-five years of experience. You might be interested in considering current salary trends to see that this experience-in-a-box is worth well over two million dollars. Would you be interested in getting all of this power by investing a minuscule fraction of that?

And here is another exciting perspective you may find valuable: It’s pretty likely that you already have decades of experience, which makes this new perspective, new insights, and new technology that much more effective. It’s like a multiplier for your current toolbelt because you can take the foundational models and adjust them, adapt them to your already incredible knowledge base, decades of experience, and subject matter expertise. Ask yourself, do you see value in instantly supplementing your existing knowledge, skills, and insight with another couple of decades of experience from a new perspective? It definitely can’t hurt, right?

But, let’s look at it from a third, very practical perspective: focusing on the more concrete financial value or the measurable return on your investment. If we take a small, single-pizza-box team and calculate the expected improvements you gain, we are very conservatively looking at a total annual RECURRING value of around $70,000. Now, you are not even paying 10% of that; you are not paying $6,000. Because, if you sign up now, you get nearly $70,000 of recurring value year after year, every year, for only a tiny fraction of that in a single, one-time $899 investment.

Imagine, this doesn’t even include the massive career boost you will personally achieve by investing in yourself. From another angle: Do you see how this pays for itself with more profit at your company? a single pay raise? A single bonus?

In addition, if you sign up now, I will guarantee you early and exclusive access to any new module as soon as it’s out. I’ll also give you access and training on the value model so you have yet another tool in your toolbelt to work out the value you get if you have more people who can benefit than just a tiny single-pizza-box team.

In addition, because you’re a trailblazer with me, and you’re bright enough to understand the immense value, I guarantee that I‘ll hear your feedback. I’ll take your feedback, collaboration, and questions and refine and extend the contents of the entire course, so it fits like a custom-tailored suit to help YOU solve YOUR particular challenges.

And I guarantee it’s EFFORTLESS to get started. All you need to do is pre-register.

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“So let’s summarize this offer:

You get these five essential, foundational, and game-changing tools:

  • The Strategy Model; valued at $37,000.
  • The Communication Model; valued at $23,000.
  • The Success Model; valued at $9,000.

You get two bonus models:

  • The Knowledge Model.
  • The Innovation Model.

In addition, you’ll get

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I hope I have provided you with both information and inspiration. Again, I’m deeply grateful for your time and attention and wish you nothing but the best. I genuinely look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Thank you.



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