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Cut your software product development times and costs by at least half without trading away equity, without hiring too much or too early, and without giving up control even on a limited staffing budget.

Risk free.

Get Results. Guaranteed!


Today's Business Builders


Industry-Changing Entrepreneurs.


Forward-Thinking Trailblazers.



Build Your Practice

To take control, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure your team is set up for success.

Make your SaaS development practices as efficient and profitable as possible:
  • Get an optimal organizational strategy tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Get the right people for the job with help vetting, interviewing, and onboarding.
  • Get your team trained on the latest product development tools, technologies, and techniques.

Get Consulting

To Streamline your SaaS Product Development Practice

Ensure that you provide maximum customer value launched on time and within budget
  • Get a fast-track process for software as a service (SaaS) product development success.
  • Get a software design that ensures your product is streamlined, scalable, and maintainable.
  • Get an assessment of your current structure and processes and identify areas of improvement.

Get Tools

To Upgrade SaaS Product Development

Identify the best tools for your needs, and use them to maximize efficiency and innovation while minimizing cost and risk:
  • Get a scalable, future-proof, and reliable foundation for your product.
  • Get hyper-agile, decay-resistant, and extendable solutions to outperform your competitors.
  • Get focused on solving the right problems for the right people to maximize your potential for success.

Let us help you do better .

Elevate your teams’ productivity to unprecedented heights.

Get the production acceleration you need while avoiding the path of trial, error, and failure.



Use Truth Shield's Practice Development Service

To Build an Optimal Team.

Building consistent customer value quickly requires establishing a practice.

We help you put together the right people, processes, and tools for your organization.

Our approach streamlines communication and enhances collaboration.

If you need help optimizing your current team for your product development needs, we can help. We evaluate, guide, and train your teams to establish best practices using proven frameworks that ensure high-quality, high-value, and profitable products are shipped faster.

Use our practice development service to get the help you need to succeed.


Use Truth Shield's Cutting-Edge Alignment Frameworks

To Align by Design

Product development can be a long and arduous process. Without crystal clear alignment and coordination, teams end up running in circles, wasting time and resources.

It's hard to stay on the same page when you have multiple teams working on different parts of the same project. Communication breakdowns lead to costly mistakes and delays.

  • Use Truth Shield's Requirement Engineering Framework to streamline teams and their focus, reduce miscommunication, and create products fast with higher quality outcomes.
  • Use Truth Shield's Quality Assurance Framework to help your teams' avoid costly quality mistakes.
  • Use Truth Shield's Construction Acceleration Framework to help your teams' build and ship value to customers fast.

Use Truth Shield's Ultra-Modern Architecture Foundation

To Jumpstart Technical Progress

Software engineering is a time-consuming, expensive, and complex process.

It can be difficult to know where to start and pick the optimal path. Without an informed guide, you end up wasting time and resources on approaches with poor chances of success, much less survival.

Get Applinate, Truth Shield’s foundational architecture, to provide your team with a hyper-modern foundation built on battle-tested software engineering patterns that will help your team get started quickly and stay on track. Get the guardrails you need to rapidly innovate and become the transformation driver your business needs without the typical technical challenges slowing you down.

For example, drastically reduce product development time, cost, and risk while accelerating alignment, speed, and flexibility. Use Applinate's Executable Specification Add-In to get embedded executable specifications and power your product development with next-generation specification-driven-development (SDD) to decrease decay and increase agility.



Competitors Crush.

Let’s face it, it’s a crowded market.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the competition in the SaaS world? Is your product development process slow and inefficient? Keeping you from achieving success?

You’re not alone. Almost 90 percent of SaaS companies struggle, failing to achieve breakthrough product development. They don't leverage the power of proven product development approaches. And, they don't know how to eliminate guesswork through repeatable, scalable, and effective processes for delivering winning products fast with less risk.

And anyone solving your customers' problems better, faster, or easier than you will win.

Customers Churn.

Especially when you can’t keep up.

Do you feel like your teams' full potential remains untapped? Do you sense they're stuck in quicksand, struggling to deliver what your customers need? Want to help them stop suffering?

It's typical. Keeping pace with technological change is tough when you're slowed down by tech debt, your alignment isn't on point, or you don't have a clear path forward. SaaS teams get stuck. Whether they fall behind in idea generation, poorly plan, or get tripped up executing. Most companies can't scale because they lack the tools needed to help their teams achieve breakthrough results fast with less risk.

Corporations collapse.

What happens when you're not leading the pack?

Does your business plan fail to account for the massive technological disruptions today? Are you struggling to keep pace or falling behind? Do you need a clearer picture of your heading?

It's not just you. Most SaaS companies lack strategic clarity in their roadmap. They don't have a simple process to develop better products more efficiently. The impact devastates sales, customer retention, and kills your chances to grow and thrive.

Matt is the best CTO that I have encountered in my career. He has an eye for talent/hiring, building teams, and creating a team environment that exceeds all expectations. He is highly technical and can architect the shortest path for any company to success.

Matt takes a quality-driven long-sighted approach to ensure continued sustainable success for companies.

I have personally seen the horizons of everyone who has had the pleasure of working with Matt expand.

Paul Ness
Enterprise Architect
Paul Ness



Avoid Going It Alone...

Causing delays finding the help you need.

Stop struggling to find the right service providers and talent. It’s time-consuming, error prone, and expensive. Avoid throwing away unnessasry time and money to research, evaluate, and select providers that may not perform.

Use Truth Shield's Product Practice Development Service to Jumpstart...

And Be Fast, Nimble, And Streamlined.

Start making your product development fast, focused, and efficient. Ensure you are plugged in with the best people to meet your needs in weeks rather than months or years. Unlock your organization's innovation power fast. And, beat your competitors.

Avoid misalignment...

Causing Delays, Runaway Costs, and Project Failure.

Stop running product development as a long and risky process. Avoid missing critical customer needs and getting hit by costly mistakes. Don't allow misalignment and coordination issues to cause delays, cost overruns, and project failures.

Use Truth Shield's Alignment Frameworks...

And Be Aligned, Innovative, and Streamlined.

Start ensuring your team is on the same page at every step, so they never sprint in circles. See streamlined product development. Ship more customer value faster. And provide industry-shaking solutions and outperform competitors.

Avoid Technical Design Issues...

Causing Slow, Decaying, and Wasteful Products.

Stop cobbling together a rickety software architecture from scratch. It’s error-prone, time-consuming, and costly. It's expensive to build a secure, reliable, and efficient architecture that won't decay.

Use Truth Shield's ultramodern architecture...

To Be Robust, Unchained, and Resilient.

Start empowering your company with a hyper-modern open-source foundation for building cutting-edge services. Ensure systems are stable and quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Establish guardrails protecting your tribe from falling off the rails. Be the transformation driver your business needs.

Do you want to thrive in the new era of product development?

Do you need to innovate, accelerate, and compete?
When you want to succeed, put the old ways behind you and plug your team in with modern, streamlined, and efficient guides. Give your business the edge it needs to stay ahead. Unlock your teams' innovation power.
When you need a better way, use Truth Shield to streamline your product development today.